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As is often the case (at least with me) the photographs so often do not even begin to tell the whole story. Perhaps the subject matter is just too expansive, or more likely I just am not fully able to describe what I see with mere images. It's also possible that I enjoy telling stories! I certainly would welcome your feedback, or any "astronomical" stories you may want to share. We'll post them here on this site (with proper copyright credit, of course) when appropriate. I hope you explore the text links below to some of my astronomical adventures. Please remember to share yours as well!

"A Family Reunion" -- reflects on the 1991 Total Solar Eclipse, as seen and photographed from Los Cabos, Mexico. I was able to observe the eclipse with my two young sons, and ended up also feeling the presence of some other family members. This narrative was my mother's favorite, and was read at her funeral a few years ago.

"Lesson for Hyakutake (a letter)" -- is a quickly put together astrophotography lesson for visiting students from Cleveland viewing the comet. I wrote it as part of a lesson plan for my old friend Jerry Miller, who teaches a wonderful ecology-art-wilderness class via a field trip concept. The students (many of whom have never previously ventured farther than the local mall!) and instructor-guides stay in tents at a decidedly desert-like valley setting east of Moab, Utah. Days are filled with biology, ecology, hiking, rafting and the like. Evenings are spent discussing such topics as "Should Wilderness Areas Allow Human Access?" and nights are . . . well, you know.

"The Ribbon of Sky" -- was prompted by the constant small section of sky observed when floating the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It corresponds to the photograph "Canyon Moon." None of my photos really do justice to this last great Earth-based expedition available. Hopefully the narratives do better. The complete set of ravings and Grand Canyon photographs will soon be available on my other web site.

"Darkness in the Caribbean" -- was written as a somewhat dry quasi-scientific piece inspired by the Total Solar Eclipse in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles in 1998.

"Rambling Through the Night Sky" -- describes waking up under the ultra-transparent night sky of the Colorado Plateau in central Utah. Beautiful!

"Our Next Exhibit" -- "submitted for you approval" is my modest tribute to "The Twilight Zone." This narrative was included as a caption to a somewhat "destroyed" photograph of the Total Solar Eclipse in Mexico in 1991.

"Introduction to CCD Imaging" -- is a (very) simplistic overview or primer of CCD imaging. I'm no expert, to be sure; I've written it only because I can't find anything else like it on the 'net. Please be sure to take advantage of the many references available, both on the web and through reading and research. Also, if you're so inclined, please consider the options offered by the Advanced Observing Program on Kitt Peak, Arizona. Experience is still the best teacher!

La Posada de Taos Astronomy Program -- Fall 2000 -- is the "study guide" for an astronomy night we recently held at the wonderful La Posada de Taos Bed and Breakfast run by friends Sandy and Alan Thiese. They graciously invited Cheryl and I down to enjoy their hospitality. Along the way we managed to have a star party outside their place. This is the synopsis of the event.

For a more general visit to the dark and transparent Taos, New Mexico skies link to Dark Sky Taos Astronomy Program -- Fall 2003, a program offered through innkeeper Pat Hoffman and the historic San Geronimo Lodge.

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